Economic Overview

Despite being classified as rural, Leeds and Grenville’s economy is very diverse: there are businesses in all industries including:  farming, warehousing, manufacturing, high tech and emerging technologies, and more.

The area is home to many large multinational companies such as Shell, Alcan, Trillium Health Care, and Proctor & Gamble. Leeds and Grenville also prides itself as being an emerging hub for new age industries, including green technologies, alternative energy and advanced healthcare.

Geographic Charactertistics

A key advantage of the region is its geographic location that has traditionally attracted manufacturers and has made it a natural distribution zone. Leeds & Greenville is conveniently located in the intersection of supply routes to major cities such as Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. It also shares a border with New York State, which brings additional business opportunities.
There is highly developed road, rail, air and water access to the region. This unique combination makes Leeds and Greenville attractive to businesses trying to offset their costs by moving the production into a rural area, while still being directly linked to their consumers and suppliers through highly developed and convenient transportation routes.

Our large neighbour cities are also major centers of innovation, which makes Leeds and Grenville a creative corridor for East Coast Canada. An authoritative think tank, the Martin Prosperity Institute, has classified Brockville and Leeds and Grenville to be a well-positioned area for the development of creative economy.


Leeds and Grenville is also distinguished by picturesque beauty, which makes it good for tourism development. The Thousand Islands of the St. Lawrence River, the Frontenac Biosphere Reserve Zones, and the Rideau Heritage Route are just some of the attractions make this area one of the most beautiful in Ontario and Canada. Every year the region attracts thousands of visitors from across Ontario, Canada, and the world.

Other Leading Industries

Other regional economic development opportunities include distribution and warehousing, pharmaceuticals, metal fabrication, bio-fuels, food processing, alternative energy, telecommunications and elderly care services.

Economic Future

To stay nationally and globally competitive, Leeds and Grenville is currently undergoing an economic transformation process. Initiatives are in place to restructure the traditional manufacturing sector towards the emerging sectors of advanced manufacturing and new technologies.

The region’s leadership also puts emphasis on immigration and human capital attraction, recognizing it as a key factor in powering innovation and growth.

Leeds and Grenville truly offers a lot of potential for robust economic growth, while preserving a high quality of life, which is culturally rich and diverse, as well as environmentally friendly and safe.