Understanding sponsorship Immigration of Canada

Many people find it complex when it comes to sponsorship immigration. Moving to a different country can be difficult for many people, especially when they are taking their families along. But before heading to Canada the immigrants must know about the process of immigration. Permanent residents of Canada have an advantage that they can bring their family with the help of family class immigration sponsorship. When you sponsor an immigrant to a foreign land especially in Canada, you must commit certain things to the immigrant which is of utmost importance. Read about the commitments that are taken by the sponsor in this blog.

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The Commitments of Sponsor:

There are a few promises and commitments that are to be taken by the sponsor of an immigrant. Here are the commitments of the sponsor.

  • They must promise the immigrant that he will behave properly with him so that he can stay with the sponsor for the duration he is going to stay.
  • The sponsor must also promise to the immigrant who has got sponsorship lawyer in Toronto that he will have honorable intentions and he will not have any unfair intentions for the span of his stay.
  • He also needs to commit the sponsor that he will ensure the financial stability for him.

The Advantages of Staying Under a Sponsor:

It is advantageous for the immigrant to stay under a sponsor in a foreign land specially in Canada. If he gets the sponsorship immigration in proper manner then he will have certain advantages in his hand. The benefits are:

  • The immigrant can get the permanent residence very easily and in short time because of the sponsorship.
  • With the help of sponsorship lawyer in Toronto, he can travel to any place but within the boundaries of Canada. By showing the immigration he can go wherever he wants to without any worries.
  • The immigrants can also work and study at any place they want provided they show the proper documents for the immigration by the sponsor in Canada.
  • The most important benefit that the immigrant will get is that he can receive social service from any place in Canada. It is a major advantage for the immigrant who has got sponsorship.

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The Eligibility of the Sponsor:

Not everybody can be a sponsor in Canada. To apply for becoming the sponsor you must attain certain eligibility factors. These are as follows:

  • The person applying for sponsor of sponsorship immigration must be at least 18 years of age. Otherwise he will not be able to become a sponsor.
  • The applicant must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.
  • He must be capable of taking the responsibility of the family in the initial stage of their staying. Mainly the duration of the support ranges between 3 to 10 years. The span is dependent on the relationship of the family members.
  • Once you become a sponsor, you cannot support any other family financially till the stay of the previous family.

Conditions of a Permanent Residence:

The sponsored immigrants who have got sponsorship lawyer in Toronto have to fulfill certain factors that are required for applying for permanent residence. After the required conditions are fulfilled then only the immigrant can apply for permanent residence in Canada.